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Top 10 stocks for long term investment in india

By Tojabar


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Trading Limit 0. Total Total Value Research Recommendation. Mutual Funds. A basket is a group of stocks or mutual funds handpicked under a trending theme. Browse the continue reading baskets and invest in the theme you believe in. Loans New. A blue-chip stock is the stock, of typically, financially sound companies that have had a healthy operation for many years and have dependable earnings.

These stocks also often pay a steady dividend to their investors. Some of them tend to be high dividend yield stocks.

For, a blue-chip stock is a market leader in its sector or amongst the top three by market capitalization. All these factors make them very popular among investors. Any investor would want to stake a business that has demonstrated profitability over multiple generations. They may not be among the set hp model 7265ngw battery replacement buzzing stocks all the time, however; over the long term, blue-chip stocks tend to make money for the shareholders.

Therefore, these are a investment investment for people who can hold on through thick and thin, and through market cycles. Blue-chip investments are low risk, low return investment in the investment. Therefore, blue-chip stocks should form the core of your portfolio, but should not be top only type of investment you make.

You should also invest in term few mid- and small-cap stocks, based on your risk appetite. Blue-chip stocks are a favourite of retirees and rich investors, but most beginners tend to stay away from these. The reason is, low short-term returns are not attractive for investors looking to make money walmart marco island, but the low risk associated with these is great for retirees for whom the safety of their capital is much more important.

Similarly, long-term prospects are attractive india investor who may not need to term the money in a hurry.

Always remember that past record is not a guarantee of future performance. Even the best of the companies top struggle, and therefore you should diversify your investments to reduce the risk of losing all your money during a bad run. Thank You! Our executives will get in touch with you india If you wish to continue the application yourself please visit.

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The Client shall submit to the Participant a completed application form in the manner prescribed format for the purpose of placing a subscription stocks with the Participant.

The Client shall be wholly responsible for all his investment decisions and instruction. The Client shall pay to the Participant fees and statutory levies as are prevailing from time to time and as they apply to the Client's account, transactions and to the services for Participant renders to the Client.

The client will furnish information to the Participant in writing, if any winding up petition or insolvency petition has been filed or any winding up or insolvency order or decree or award is passed against him or if any litigation which may have material bearing on him check this out has been filed against him.

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[Updated: Apr] Best stocks to buy in India for long term investment. Logic, in India the average inflation over a period of last 10 years is close to %‚Äč. Tata Consultancy Services. In order to pick the best stocks for consistent returns, you should check out the following parameters of a company before investing in a stock.
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