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Giant anthem x4 2013

By Dalabar


Jump to content. Posted gingerbread November - I'd take the Trance, purely from a versatility standpoint. Yes, the Anthem can do a fair load more house the average XC only MTB, but the Trance just has the edge both in comfort and ability when the stuff gets rough.

There are LOADS of people riding trances on multi-day events, and I'd even go so far to say that they're more comfortable in every application than the Anthem riders. It's both a more capable anyhem, and a stronger one built to handle more punishment The only time I'd recommend an Anthem over a Trance 201 if you're a full on XC racer, and do nothing else.

Giaht Anthem Gear Event News Industry news Promotions. Giant anthem x4 versus Giant trance x4 Started by TibiHttp://laysurnumbtem.ml/for/alanki-tools.php 19 Page 1 of 2 1 mtg Visit web page. Posted 19 November 2013 Depends on what kind of riding house want to do The Mtg will be better for cross-country riding and anthem Trance better for rougher trails.

Both are good bikes. If possible, take both for a demo ride. Posted 19 November - I gingerbread one of each! So the best of both worlds. So like Jacquers says above, depends on your type of riding, which is not to say giant can't ride a Trance at Modderfontein, but the Anthem 2013 antheem bit lighter, and more suited to cross country.

Posted 19 November - I'd take the Trance, purely from a versatility standpoint. Posted 19 November - I agree with anthemm replies above, the Trance is definitely aimed anthem those who want to have a lot of fun on a mtb… A good combination of versatility and fun. Atnhem 19 November - Great thread for me. Please can I ask: anthe are the weights, or relative difference in weight, between these 2 bikes? Then: both B or 29er? Posted 19 November - No real difference in weight, but then Giant don't disclose the annthem weights of the bikes.

Anthwm - 29er. Trance - The relaxed HA and longer learn more here of the Trance will render the mtg wheels useless when it comes to rolling over stuff. Trance for me as well, had gaint 2013 Ghost that did the job and was certainly faster but nowhere near click at this page much fun as the Trance!

I did the I think for the majority of people the Trance will do everything that Antem can do, and more. Posted 19 November - Thanks cpt armpies; I'm so sorely tempted by that Giant heart says yes; bank balance, Mrs baas etc say nyet. Do you think it has a more relaxed geometry than a Stumpy; or similar?

Why Google when experts are in the Hub house. Posted 19 November - Yes, what Mayhem said, exactly. Posted 19 November - Stumpjumper is more aggressive than the Trance. More of a trail bike than a do-it-all.

New trance has a 67 deg head angle vs 69 for the stumpy. Stumpy is gixnt JUST shorter ito wheelbase, but only by 7mm. Trance has a more relaxed seat tube, as well as 10mm shorter chainstays. So the trance will giaht more stable, but more playful and easier to lift at the front. Trance also has more travel, but only just Posted 19 November house Giant Anthem Posted 19 November - And it's the right colour Titan Racing Bikes - Any gingerbread Buyers Guide, by ChrisF Apr 27 Lockdown lessons News, by ChrisF Apr 27 Where has your bike taken you today?

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The Anthem X4 is cast from the same mould – Giant have concentrated on tweaking the carbon Anthem X Advanced instead, so the. Just two years after Giant first introduced a 29er to the Anthem X family, it stands alone as the sole offering for We were blown away when.

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Tibi's Photo Tibi 19 Nov I am new rider I have being offered to choose between Giant Anthem X4 (4" Travel) and Giant Trance X4 (5" Travel) Please advise. Giant Anthem X4 W. As Giant puts it Implementing Liv/giant's 3F philosophy (Fit, Form, Function), the Anthem X 29er W was designed for one reason: to bring. Medium size Giant Anthem X4 29er. Blue and white. Full suspension. This bike would suit a rider approx 5'10". It's a fast XC machine that is.
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